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Much as I'd prefer you visit my own sites, the following links are to sites that mean something special to me. (These are external websites, and although some contain my photos and other material, I have no control over, or responsibility for, their content.)

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I am no longer associated with these organisations, but I gave each of them a lot of my life - coding, management, websites, photography, graphic design. They've all evolved since I moved on, but there is still a lot of me left in them, in various ways.

About dunn.ca

I registered the dunn.ca domain in 2012 because I wanted a nice easy email address for me and my family, and because I wanted somewhere to tinker around on the web.

There are plenty of Dunns in the world. We are the ones with the family home in Valois, Québec, with offshoots in Otter Lake, Ontario, Beaconsfield and Verdun.

Contact any of us by emailing to our firstname @ this domain. Or you can contact me directly here.

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