Flora and fauna around Otter Lake

Welcome ...

This is where I put my own personal photos of wildlife and plants taken around the Ottery, our place on Otter Point, North Otter Lake, South Frontenac, Ontario (map). Click the species on the left. Click on any photo to see it at higher resolution.

It's casual, ad hoc, a continual work in progress. I have fun taking and editing these photos, and for each one I learn a little more. I have done my best to properly identify the species, but that's not my forte. If you find errors please tell me as soon as possible. Currently this is intended for a good sized screen, and it will be lousy on a mobile device.

Where I have had the opportunity I've tried to take a good photo. But some of the pictures here are just reminders of interesting wildlife. I don't have the skills or patience to be a good wildlife photographer.

Some highlights

  • Ospreys nesting We have a regular nest site on South Otter Lake, and we often watch the nesting osprey from a kayak. I've been able to get some decent photos, especially of the fledglings as they fly off and back to the nest.
  • A snapping turtle laying her eggs Expect surprises. We arrived one day after to find a snapping turtle digging up the grass behind our house. We watched for several hours as she searched a place to lay her eggs. Still photos, and also some video of her digging and laying.
  • A red squirrel being very upset with a rat snake that had just eaten her babies half way up a pine tree. Another surprise waiting for us when we arrived at our house.
  • Otters. Being on Otter Lake we were keen to see if they existed. We started off seeing their signs - their scat and tracks. Then over the years we have had the odd sighting, either live or through our trail camera.
  • The hummingbird clearwing. Because this is such a colourful and unmothlike moth that was completely unfamiliar to me.



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